Electronic Tools






SmartWorks is an electronic tool that facilitates significant business process improvements for employment placement agencies that help Social Security disability benefit recipients obtain and sustain employment under the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Ticket-to-Work Program.  SmartWorks is a web-based, software-as-a-service solution accessed over a secure Internet connection which performs:

  • Contact and Case Management
  • Services Management and Tracking
  • Milestone and Outcome Tracking Management
  • Payment Management
  • Referral Management and Tracking
  • Training and Education
  • Reporting and Analytics.


The project was developed through foundation and government grants to Daniels & Associates and Claremont Graduate University prior to their transfer to PolicyWorks.


In 2010, The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) funded an additional SmartWorks module that enables the Ticket-to-Work placement agencies provide employment-related health services referrals to the SSA beneficiaries they serve.  In addition, the module gives SmartWorks the capacity to track and analyze the interrelationship of work and health-related service needs.  In 2012, PolicyWorks became the lead organization for SmartWorks and the other electronic tools described below, and TCWF awarded PolicyWorks a $150,000 follow-on grant to refine the health-referral module and expand SmarWorks’ outreach in California.



SmartStart is a user-friendly online tool that educates Workforce Investment Board and One-Stop clients who have disabilities about the Ticket-to-Work program and to facilitate service provision for those who receive SSA benefits.  Among other functions, SmartStart:

  • Facilitates communication, training,      and relationship building between beneficiaries and workforce      professionals
  • Educates beneficiaries on the value      and benefits of the Ticket-to-Work program
  • Provides basic training on how to      utilize the Ticket-to-Work program
  • Facilitates the intake process and      ticket assignment.


Hawai'a Benefit Tools


The work incentives and benefits estimator is a web-based system that helps users understand how eligibility for a select range of benefits would be affected by employment and how work incentives could enable the user to balance work income with a continuation of benefits.  The estimator:

  • Educates users on work incentives available to support employment
  • Helps users overcome fears and misconceptions about immediate loss of benefits and access to healthcare
  • Prepares beneficiaries to work with counselors and educators for more in depth employment counseling and benefits planning
  • Facilitates the beneficiary intake process for counselors and educators.