PolicyWorks is proud to be a core strategic and operations partner in Lights! Camera! Access! (LCA) joining EINSOF, the NDMC, JD Michaels and our funding and host partners in the effort to Increase employment of people with disabilities in front of, and behind the camera/keyboard; to improve disability portrayals and reduce stigma; and to integrate access to media with captions and audio descriptions. 

The LCA Collaborative is a collection of multi-dimensional initiatives that weaves and braids established traditional and digital media entities (networks, studios, industry associations, unions, production, internet and cable content creator and providers) with authentic disability and diversity leaders, organizations, film festivals, veterans, accelerated high school and college students, recent graduates and transitioning youth. This combination results in a dynamic disability-inclusive diversity commUNITY. 

LCA creates interconnected strategies and tactics to accomplish our three objectives, including: 

Regional LCA Career Exploration Summits are designed for two target audiences: media employers seeking qualified and creative prospective employees and collaborators; mentors in search of mentees with disabilities; and participants who are aspiring media professionals with disabilities or who are Deaf. 

As part of each LCA summit, PolicyWorks conducts a workshop entitled “How to Leverage Disabiility to Create a Competitive Advantage”.  This workshop invites participants to look at disability disclosure through the lens of disability expression by exploring integration of one’s disability experience into their narrative as an empowerment strategy.    

Summits are produced in major media markets like New York, Hollywood, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Silicon Valley, and Sacramento.  2021 expansion includes Orlando, Minneapolis and Atlanta.