Peer MentoringWorks is an online suite of training, tools, certification curricula, and resources for State VR Agencies, Community Rehab Providers, Peer Mentor Coordinators, and Peer Mentors working with transition-aged students in pre-employment programs. The model and training were developed by PolicyWorks for a state VR agency to implement a state-wide peer mentoring transition service prior to the passage of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and are available to train and certify peer mentoring providers to students with disabilities under WIOA.   

The training and certification available through Peer MentoringWorks is designed to train and certify peer mentors and peer mentor coordinators for the direct service delivery of instruction in self-advocacy and the other required activities to support students with disabilities as a Pre-Employment Transition Service (Pre-ETS).   

Peer MentoringWorks has been reviewed by WINTAC’s Pre-Employment Transition Services Subject Matter Experts for training and use by State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies for the provision of peer mentoring as part of an Intensive Technical Assistance agreement as a Workforce Innovation Pilot Projects (WIPP).  

The accessible web-based learning modules include a set of common mentoring competencies, introductions to information on employment and transition, and customized resource guides that support state, community, and campus resource awareness for peer mentors and coordinators.  The training and learning modules are available in English and Spanish.    

The base training models include: 

  • Peer Mentoring Essentials 
  • Self-advocacy and Self-Determination 
  • Disability Etiquette 
  • Common Communication Essentials 
  • Guide to Mentor Communications 
  • Time Management 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Attitudes and Behavior Awareness 
  • Decision-Making Basics 

Transition Guides for: 

  • Employment & Disability Rights 
  • Employment & Disability Benefits 
  • Employment & Transition Services 

Customized State-Specific Resource Guides for: 

  • State Vocational Rehab Agency 
  • Campus and Community Resources 

Find more information and resources on the Peer MentoringWorks website or email us at