ResearchTransition to Work and Independence: In Brief”


Successful Transitions to Employment 

Chaz Compton, Ed.D, C.R.C, is the Project Director for the TACE Project for Region IX at San Diego State University’s Interwork Institute.  Dr. Compton has worked with the PolicyWorks GRADS program since 2009. He used his experience as a Regional Administrator for the California Department of Rehabilitation and his work with the GRADS program as the basis for his doctoral dissertation:  An exploration of the attitudes, values and beliefs at or near completions of post secondary education regarding self-sustaining employment.

In 2012 Dr. Compton completed a second study,  “A Successful Transition to Work and Independence:  Former SSI/DI Beneficiaries that Achieved Self-Sustaining Employment” .  This research included a section entitled Guide to Rehabilitation Counselors  which is included in this section as a stand-alone guide. Highlights of the study are available at “A Successful Transition to Work and Independence: In Brief” .


Bibliography of Issues Related to Young SSI/DI Beneficiaries, and Employment .

Spalatin Oire is a doctoral student at the University of Maryland who served on the GRADS team for three years.  During this period he developed a bibliography on issues related to young SSI/DI beneficiaries and their attitudes toward work, the impact of work incentives, and other employment issues.