Legacy Event


Marking the first anniversary of Susan’s death, PolicyWorks – the nonprofit Susan had co-founded – hosted an event to honor her legacy as a mentor and fierce advocate of mentoring as a bridge to meaningful careers for youth and young adults with disabilities.  The event featured a video of Susan speaking to students about how she managed her disability to create a productive and satisfying life and what she envisioned for a fully inclusive society.

The video is introduced by Henry McCarthy, Susan’s long-time friend and colleague from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.  The video was originally taped by Henry when Susan did a presentation to his class.

One of the event’s highlights was a moving tribute from Dana Fink, a young member of the Mentorship Advisory Committee, who said that although she had never met Susan, she was profoundly inspired by her and grateful for the opportunities Susan had bequeathed to her generation.

Henry McCarthy’s Introduction

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