LCA 2.0 Goes to Hollywood

LCA 2.0 Partners Tari Hartman Squire and Derek Shields hosted another fabulous event, this time at the Hollywood Film Academy. This event included partners with Exceptional Minds, Inclusion Films, California Department of Rehabilitation Services and a number of high-profile performers and studios.

Derek with a large group of people all siting around table.

Over 100 young people with disabilities of all types joined the 12-hour event and participated in the Summits activities. As always, these activities included panels featuring industry leaders, individuals interested in serving as mentors and other professionals. Barbara did her workshop on “Self-Disclosure” and “Using Your Disability as A Competitive Edge”.

There was an evening reception which included all the day’s participants and allowed for lively discussion and the development of connections. There will be five additional LCA 2.0 Summits across the country. New York City, NY; Silicon Valley, CA; San Diego, CA, and Hollywood, CA are a few places we’ll be traveling.