SOAR Camp 2018

Michelle Rubin and Autism After 21 are both collaborative partners with PolicyWorks and Stand Among Friends. SOAR uses a specially adapted version of our Professional Development and Disabilities curriculum and provides mentoring, career counseling and placement supports under the PolicyWorks Kessler Grant. SOAR plans to continue to use Peer Mentoring as an important part of their program and to continue the partnership with PolicyWorks.

Autism After 21, just completed their 4th annual residential summer camp for young adults with disabilities ages 18-25 and high school students 16-17 years old. SOAR camp spans 6 weeks and is held on the campus and in student housing at Florida Atlantic University. This past SOAR camp served 106 students.

Summer activities included: Living, Career, Soft Skills and Advocacy classes/workshops. Students were provided a Mini IPad for these activities. SOAR also included Peer Mentoring activities in conjunction with Stand Among Friends and PolicyWorks.